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Woodford County Conservation District
180 Beasley Road
Versailles KY  40383
Phone: 859-873-4941 - Ext. 3


A growing nation such as ours, puts strong demands on our natural resources.  With increasing markets for our raw materials, pressure is places on our agricultural farm land to produce the crops necessary to meet these demands.  At the same time, other land uses are taking up large blocks of prime agricultural land each year removing this land out of production forever.  To maintain a sufficient amount of our natural resources for future generations, while providing the necessary elements for growth, places strong responsibilities on mankind.

It is with the realization of the needs and problems concerning our natural resources that the Woodford County Conservation District strives to educate the public on protecting our environment.  What we accomplish as individuals is minimum compared to what we have and can accomplish with united efforts.
Woodford County was formed in 1789.  Versailles, the County Seat was established in 1792.  The Woodford County Conservation District was organized in February 1946.  The District includes all lands in Woodford County (123,520 acres or 194 square miles) including incorporative towns and unincorporated villages.

The District is a subdivision of state government, is governed by a board of seven elected supervisors, composed of landowners, producers, business persons, whose powers and duties are set forth in the Soil Conservation Act of 1940 and amendments.

The Board is responsible for entering into a working agreement with federal, state and other organizations who can render assistance in developing and carrying out a sound program of work that meets its conservation objectives.

Board Meetings 
Woodford County Conservation District Board of Supervisors meetings are normally held on the fourth Monday of each month.  The meetings begin at 6:30 pm (November-March) and 7:00 pm (April-October) and are held at the District office, 180 Beasley Road, Versailles, Kentucky.  All meetings are open to the public.


Woodford County Conservation District has been awarded several accomplishments over the years. In 2008, the District received the Outstanding Soil Stewardship Program award.  In 2006-07, Martha Newby was awarded Conservation District Employee of the Year by the National Conservation District Employees Association.  The District received the Kentucky Association of Conservation Districts State Conservation Education Award for their outstanding excellence in environmental education programs emphasizing sound management of natural resources in 2006.  In 2006, KACD also awarded the Woodford County Conservation District with the Outstanding Conservation District Recognition for Area 6 in recognition of continued outstanding dedication and leadership exhibited in the District program planning and implementation of the 2005 program.  Woodford County's Envirothon Team were state winners in the Kentucky Envirothon Competition and went on to compete at Nationals in Canada in 2006.
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